VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage 6.2


Course Description

This comprehensive, fast-paced training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX®. This course presents VMware NSX as a part of the software-defined data center. You will learn how to use logical switching in VMware NSX to virtualize your switching environment. The course also details logical routing to enable you to dynamically route between different virtual environments. And you will learn how to take use gateway services, firewall configurations, and security services to help secure and optimize your VMware NSX environment.

Audience Profile

Experienced system or network administrators

Prerequisite(s) Recommended

Understanding of enterprise switching and routing. Knowledge of TCP/IP services. Experience with firewalls and firewall rule sets. Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course or VCA-DCV certification.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe the evolution of the software-defined data center.
  • Configure and deploy VMware NSX components for management and control.
  • Describe basic VMware NSX layer 2 networking.
  • Configure, deploy, and use logical switch networks.
  • Configure and deploy VMware NSX distributed router appliances to establish east-west connectivity.
  • Configure and deploy VMware NSX® Edge services gateway appliances to establish north-south connectivity.
  • Configure VMware NSX L2 bridging.
  • Configure and use all main features of the NSX Edge services gateway.
  • Configure NSX Edge firewall rules to restrict network traffic.
  • Configure VMware NSX distributed firewall rules to restrict network traffic.
  • Configure Service Composer policies.
  • Configure an identity-aware firewall.
  • Describe VMware NSX data security.
  • Use the cross-vCenter VMware NSX feature.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction
• Introductions and course logistics
• Course objectives

Module 2: Software-Defined Data Center
• Describe the evolution of the software-defined data center
• Describe VMware vSphere
• Describe VMware NSX

Module 3: Management and Control Plane Components
• Understand the management, control, and data planes
• Describe VMware NSX Manager
• Describe the VMware NSX Controller cluster

Module 4: Logical Switch Networks
• Describe Ethernet fundamentals
• Describe VMware vSphere Distributed Switch
• Describe switch link aggregation
• Describe VLAN
• Describe VXLAN logical switch networks
• Describe VMware NSX Controller replication

Module 5: VMware NSX Logical Routing
• Discuss routing protocols
• Describe the VMware NSX logical router
• Describe the NSX Edge services gateway

Module 6: VMware NSX L2 Bridging
• Understand L2 bridging and use cases
• Describe L2 software bridging
• Describe L2 hardware bridging

Module 7: NSX Edge Gateway Services
• Describe network address translation
• Describe load balancing
• Describe high availability
• Describe virtual private networking
• Configure L2 VPN
• Configure IPsec VPN
• Configure SSL VPN-Plus

Module 8: VMware NSX Firewall and Security Services
• Describe the NSX Edge firewall
• Describe the VMware NSX distributed firewall
• Describe VMware NSX data security
• Describe the Service Composer
• Describe the identity-aware firewall

Module 9: Cross-vCenter VMware NSX
• Understand the cross-vCenter VMware NSX feature
• Identify the benefits of the cross-vCenter VMware NSX feature
• Configure the cross-vCenter VMware NSX feature
• Discuss the deployment models for cross-vCenter VMware NSX

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