Time Management: Increase Your Personal Productivity and Effectiveness



Course Description

Many managers and employees struggle to meet the ever-increasing demands of their jobs. Double-booked schedules, changing priorities, and countless distractions challenge even the most organized individuals. This class provides extremely valuable tools and practices to prioritize mission-critical activities, plot out your day, manage multiple tasks, minimize distractions, and control unreasonable demands. The class is very hands on: participants engage in numerous exercises around time management best practices. Topics include:  

  • Identify and prioritize high-return activities
  • Cultivate will power
  • Improve your focus
  • Build breathing room into your schedule
  • Make tangible progress on important activities
  • Set boundaries with unreasonable or unachievable requests


This course has no prerequisites.


Course Outline

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Take Stock

  • Determine Work That Matters
  • Too Much Stress versus Not Enough Stress
  • Your Personal Productivity Style

Lesson 2: Plan Your Day

  • The Critical Importance of Planning
  • Align Time Management to Your Goals
  • Four-Step Tool to Help Reach Your Goals
  • Using Agile Sprints to Accomplish Your Goals
  • Commit Less; Accomplish More
  • Saying, “No” Appropriately
  • The Right and Wrong People to Ignore
  • Cultural Shift: Giving Yourself Permission to Work Less

Lesson 3: Finding Focus

  • Minimizing Office Distractions
  • Train Your Brain to Focus
  • Things That Kill Your Focus
  • Willpower Over Distractions
  • Mindfulness Through the Workday

Lesson 4: Take Time Off

  • Upcoming Vacations Should Increase Your Work Stress
  • Critical Work to Accomplish Before a Vacation; and Non-Critical Work Options
  • Resuming Work with Minimal Pain

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