Red Hat RHCSA Rapid Track Course with Exam RHEL7 (RH200)


Course Description

The RHCSA Rapid Track course (RH200) relates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and is designed for students who already have significant experience with Linux admin.

Audience Profile

Practiced Linux system administrators who currently manage Linux servers at the enterprise level – Skilled Linux system administrators who who want or are required to demonstrate competencies by earning the RHCSA.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Module 1: Accessing the Command Line
• Log in to a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell.

Module 2: Managing Files from the Command Line
• Work with files from the bash shell prompt.

Module 3: Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
• Manage Linux users and groups and administer local password policies.

Module 4: Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
• Set access permissions on files and interpret the security effects of different permission settings.

Module 5: Managing SELinux Security
• Use SELinux to manage access to files and interpret and troubleshoot SELinux security effects.

Module 6: Monitoring and Managing Linux Processes
• Monitor and control processes running on the system.

Module 7: Installing and Updating Software Packages
• Download, install, update, and manage software packages from Red Hat and yum package repositories.

Module 8: Controlling Services and Daemons
• Control and monitor network services and system daemons using systemd.

Module 9: Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
• Configure basic IPv4 networking on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

Module 10: Analyzing and Storing Logs
• Locate and interpret relevant system log files for troubleshooting purposes.

Module 11: Managing Storage and File Systems
• Create and use disk partitions, logical volumes, file systems, and swap spaces.

Module 12: Scheduling System Tasks
• Schedule recurring system tasks using cron and systemd timer units.

Module 13: Mounting Network File Systems
• Mount network file system (NFS) exports and server message block (SMB) shares from network file servers.

Module 14: Limiting Network Communication with Firewalld
• Configure a basic local firewall.

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