Migrating to Latest Unity Version


Course Description

In this workshop, you will learn how to migrate an existing Unity project into the latest version of Unity Editor. You’ll be introduced to the Editor’s new features — like upgrades to code, assets, extensions, and shaders — and you’ll get an overview of new workflow implementations, including the Unity Hub, Shadergraph, Lightweight Render Pipeline and High Definition Render Pipeline. Also, you will learn how to assess, evaluate, and determine which Scriptable Render pipeline best suits your project needs. Finally, you’ll get a brief overview of what to prepare for in Unity 2018.3.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to migrate an existing project of their own to the latest version of Unity.



Learning Objectives

Learn about common errors that occur when migrating projects

  • Identify major code path changes
  • Identify any changes to lightmapping and lighting settings
  • Identify any changes to materials, textures, shaders and Post-Processing effects
  • Identify areas of performance drop and their causes

Assess existing projects for expected migration errors

  • Determine asset states and whether rebuilds are required
  • Identify methods to assess performance benchmarks before and after migration

Learn about new features in the current release of the Editor

  • Use the Unity Hub to manage different projects, templates, and engine builds
  • Review 2018.1 features such as Probuilder, Tilemap, Post Processing, Cinemachine
  • Identify the key features of 2018.2: the Scriptable Rendering Pipeline and Shadergraph

Determine approaches for Project setup in the new Editor

  • Use Templates to quickly configure a starting project per design specifications
  • Compare the Lightweight and High Definition Scriptable Render Pipeline and determine the appropriate choice for a project based on specific needs or platform requirements


Participants should have intermediate experience working on Unity projects.


  • Introduction: Workshop Overview and Learning Action Plan
  • Activity 1: Overview of Key Features in New Versions of Unity
  • Activity 2: Migrating an Existing Project into 2018.2
  • Activity 3: Updating to the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP)
  • Activity 4: Migrating to the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
  • Activity 5: Compare and Contrast LWRP and HDRP Projects
  • Activity 6: Introduction to Shadergraph and nodes
  • Activity 7: Preview into the Future: 2018.3 and Beyond
  • Conclusion: Learning Action Plan and Further Learning

What to Bring

  • Each participant will need to bring a laptop (Windows or OSX), power supply (including any necessary international adapters), and mouse.
  • Install Unity 2018.2 prior to the workshop.


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