Management: Improving the Performance of Individuals, Teams, the Business, and Yourself



Course Description

Whether you’re a new manager or looking to have more influence in your current management role, the challenges you face come in in all shapes and sizes – a direct report’s anxious questions, your boss’s last-minute assignment, or a blank business case. To reach your full potential in these situations, you need to master a new set of business and personal skills. In particular, managing successfully entails setting and monitoring the performance of individuals, teams, and yourself. This course provides best practices on a wide variety of mission-critical topics such as performance management, understanding key financial statements, the fundamentals of strategy, emotional intelligence, and building your employee’s trust. The class is very hands on: participants engage in numerous exercises specifically tailored to the management discipline to improve their overall effectiveness.


A basic familiarity with the subject matter is helpful, but not required.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Managing Individuals – The Critical Importance of Performance Management

  • The Characteristics of Effective Goals
  • Define Employee Goals and Decide How They Are Measured
  • Collaborate with Your Employee to Create a Plan for Moving Forward
  • Make a Habit of Providing Feedback
  • Coach Your Employees to Close Performance Gaps
  • How to Keep Your Employees Motivated
  • Understand Your Employee’s Wants and Needs
  • Expand Your Employee’s Skill Sets
  • Craft a Development Plan
  • How to Develop Someone Who’s Struggling

Lesson 2: Managing Individuals – Formal Performance Reviews

  • The Case for and Against Annual Appraisals
  • Assess Performance, but Rethink Ratings
  • How to Conduct the Review Conversation
  • Define New Goals for a New Cycle

Lesson 3: Managing Individuals – Tough Topics

  • Responding to the Steady Worker
  • Preventing Burnout on Your Team
  • Managing the Performance of Remote Employees

Lesson 4: Managing Individuals – Delegation and Developing Talent

  • Delegating with Confidence
    • Benefits of Delegation
    • Developing a Delegation Plan
    • Sharing Your Delegation Plan with Your Employees
    • Providing Support
    • Avoiding Reverse Delegation
  • Developing Talent
    • Employee Development as a Priority
    • Creating Career Strategies for Your Staff
    • Developing High-Potential Talent
    • Stretch Assignments

Lesson 5: Managing Teams

  • Leading Teams
    • Team Culture and Dynamics
    • Managing Cross-Cultural Teams
    • Managing Virtual Teams
    • Productive Conflict Resolution
  • Fostering Creativity
    • Plan a Creative Session
    • Tolls for Generating Ideas
    • Make Sure All Perspectives Are Heard
    • Dealing with Negativity
  • Hiring – And Keeping – The Best
    • Crafting a Role
    • Recruiting World-Class Talent
    • Retaining Employees
    • Motivation and Engagement

Lesson 6: Managing the Business

  • Strategy: A Primer
    • Your Role in Strategy
    • What is Strategy
    • Developing Your Strategy
    • Leading Change and Transitions
  • Mastering Financial Tools
    • The Basics of Financial Performance
    • Understanding Financial Statements
    • Budgeting
  • Developing a Business Case
    • Stakeholder Perspectives
    • Clarifying the Need and Value
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis
    • Risk Identification and Mitigation
    • Writing Your Business Plan
    • Getting Buy-in from Your Team

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