Coaching Employees with Effective Feedback



Course Description

To help your employees meet their goals and fulfill their potential, you need to provide them with regular feedback and coach them successfully. It’s no longer enough to simply tell your direct reports what to do: You need to help coach them to improve their performance by establishing baselines of performance, agreeing on areas for improvement, jointly determining the actions that will lead to superior performance, and working together to ensure those goals are met. However, coaching and sharing potentially negative reviews regarding employee performance can be challenging. This course provides valuable guidance to effectively coach employees through effective feedback to benefit the employee, the organization, and you the coach. Topics in this course include: 

  • Assess their performance fairly
  • Create realistic but inspiring plans for growth
  • Engage employees to develop joint plans for improvement
  • Establish trust with your direct reports
  • Coach employees to identify problems and recommend solutions
  • Emphasize improvement, even in criticism
  • Motivate employees to grow through effective feedback they’ll actually apply
  • Balance coaching with the rest of your workload


A basic familiarity with the subject matter is helpful, but not required.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Preparing to Coach Your Employees

  • Coaching and Mentoring: an Overview
  • Shift Your Thinking to Coach Effectively
  • Set the Stage to Stimulate Growth
  • Collect data and observe performance
  • Determine measurable goals
  • Employee Preparation
  • Earn Your Employees’ Trust

Lesson 2: Coaching Your Employees

  • Holding a Coaching Session
  • Establishing the Right Atmosphere
  • Listening Skills
  • Emotional Components and Body Language
  • Enlist Knowledge Coaches
  • Agree on Goals
  • Agree on monitoring and follow up particulars
  • Coaching Effectively in Less Time
  • Avoid Common Coaching Mistakes

Lesson 3: Ongoing Feedback

  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Sometime Negative Feedback Is Best
  • Giving Feedback That Sticks
  • A Better Way to Deliver Bad News
  • The Set-Up-To-Fail Syndrome
  • How to Give Feedback to Help People Grow
  • Recognize Good Work in a Meaningful Way

Lesson 4: Following Up After a Coaching Session 

  • Monitoring: gather new data and observations
  • Following Up
    • Substandard performance
    • Acceptable performance
    • Superior performance
  • Help People Help Themselves
  • Giving Feedback That Sticks

Lesson 5: Formal Performance Appraisals

  • Delivering an Effective Performance Review
  • Managing Performance When It’s Hard to Measure
  • Stop Worrying about Your Employees’ Weaknesses
  • How to Set and Support Employee Goals
  • When to Grant a Promotion or Raise
  • Tips for Record Keeping

Lesson 6: Tough Topics

  • How to Help an Underperformer
  • Delivering a Criticism to a Defensive Employee
  • How to Give Star Performers Productive Feedback
  • Prioritizing Feedback – Even When Time Is Short
  • Navigating the Choppy Waters of Cross-Cultural Feedback
  • How to Discuss Performance with Your Team

Lesson 7: Customize Your Coaching

  • Mentoring Best Practices
  • Tailor Your Coaching to People’s Learning Styles
  • Coaching Your Stars, Steadies, and Strugglers
  • Coaching Your Rookie Managers
  • Coaching Rising Managers to Emotional Maturity
  • Coaching Teams

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